Optimized Images for your Nuxt Apps

Plug-and-play image optimization for Nuxt apps. Resize and transform your images using built-in optimizer or your favorite images CDN.

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Get the most of your images with
dynamic features

Drop-in Replacement

Leverage <nuxt-img> and <nuxt-picture> drop-in replacement for the native <img> and <picture> elements.

Built-in resizer

Unlock the power of our built-in image resizer and transformer with IPX.

20+ Providers Supported

Choose over 20 image providers to optimize your images, no vendor lock-in.

Responsive Ready

Nuxt Image dynamically generates responsive sizes. Your visuals adapt effortlessly to every screen size, offering a seamless user experience.

Future-Proof Formats

Embrace the future of visual optimization with support for modern formats like webp and avif.

Streamlined Performance

Deliver visually stunning content with lightning-fast load times, keeping your audience engaged and delighted.

Choose your
favorite provider

Nuxt Image supports multiple providers for high performance.
Providers are integrations between Nuxt Image and third-party image transformation services. Each provider is responsible for generating correct URLs for that image transformation service. Nuxt Image can also be configured to work with any external image transformation service.