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Integration between Uploadcare and the Nuxt Image module.


To use images from uploadcare, specify the provider as uploadcare and set the image src to the UUID provided on the dashboard.

<NuxtImg  provider="uploadcare"  src="c160afba-8b42-45a9-a46a-d393248b0072"  alt="My image from uploadcare"/>


To see all possible modifiers and their options, check out the image transformations documentation or the URL API Reference.

Types are provided for the following modifiers:

  // Image Compression  format: 'jpeg' | 'png' | 'webp' | 'auto'  quality: 'smart' | 'smart_retina' | 'normal' | 'better' | 'best' | 'lighter' | 'lightest'  progressive: 'yes' | 'no'  strip_meta: 'all' | 'none' | 'sensitive'  // Image Geometry  preview: `${number}x${number}` // Height x Width  resize: `${number}x${number}` | `${number}x`| `x${number}`   smart_resize: `${number}x${number}`  crop: string | string[]  scale_crop: string | string[]  border_radius: string | string[]  setfill: string // 3, 6 or 8 digit hex color  zoom_objects: string // 1 to 100

Please feel free to open a PR to improve support for additional operations.


By default, all file URLs use the domain. By setting a custom CDN CNAME, file URLs can use instead.

See the Uploadcare documentation for how to enable a custom domain in your project. To tell Nuxt Image about the custom CDN name, use the following configuration:

export default defineNuxtConfig({  image: {    uploadcare: {      cdnURL: '',    }  }})