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Nuxt Image supports multiple providers for high performances.

Introduction to providers

Providers are integrations between Nuxt Image and third-party image transformation services. Each provider is responsible for generating correct URLs for that image transformation service.

Nuxt Image can be configured to work with any external image transformation service. Checkout sidebar for list of preconfigured providers.

If you are looking for a specific provider that is not already supported, you can create your own provider.

Nuxt Image will automatically optimize <NuxtImg> or <NuxtPicture> sources and accepts all options for specified target, except for modifiers that are specific to other providers.

Default Provider

The default optimizer and provider for Nuxt Image is ipx. Either option can be used without any configuration.

Local Images

Images should be stored in the public/ directory of your project.

For example, when using <NuxtImg src="/nuxt-icon.png" />, it should be placed in public/ folder under the path public/nuxt-icon.png.

For more information, you can learn more about the public directory.

Image stored in the assets/ directory are not processed with Nuxt Image because those images are managed by your bundler (such as Vite or webpack).

Remote Images

Using default provider, you can also optimize external URLs. For this, you need to add them to domains option.

You can also add domains for remote images by setting the NUXT_IMAGE_DOMAINS environment variable to a comma-separated list of domains.


Environment Detection

You can set default provider using NUXT_IMAGE_PROVIDER environment variable.

Providers detected automatically:

Custom Provider

It is possible to define your own provider, learn more how to create a custom provider.