Nuxt Image integration with Prepr CMS.

Integration between Prepr and Nuxt Image.

To use this provider you just need to specify the projectName of your project in Prepr.

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  image: {
    prepr: {
      // E.g.:
      projectName: 'YourProjectName',


The Prepr provider supports a number of additional modifiers. For a full list, check out the Prepr documentation. All current transformations currently mentioned in Prepr docs are supported.

For the time being you might find the following links useful: does not provide a way to restrict what domains can request assets to your project's CDN, nor limit the maximum size in pixels or bytes of images that are served from the CDN.

Convenience key modifiers

The following more readable modifiers are supported, in addition to Prepr's native modifiers:

  • crop is equivalent to c
  • format is equivalent to format
  • height is equivalent to h
  • quality is equivalent to q
  • width is equivalent to w


In addition to the values specified in the Prepr docs, which are respected, the following options from the default fit behavior are supported:

  • cover - this will behave like the Prepr modifier crop, when passed without a value (defaults to centre)
For the time being, other fit options are not supported by this provider.