Nuxt Image has first class integration with Sanity.

Integration between Sanity and Nuxt Image.

To use this provider you just need to specify the projectId of your project in Sanity.

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  image: {
    sanity: {
      projectId: 'yourprojectid',
      // Defaults to 'production'
      // dataset: 'development'


The Sanity provider supports a number of additional modifiers. For a full list, check out the Sanity documentation. All of the modifiers mentioned in the Sanity docs are supported, with the following notes.

Extra convenience modifiers

The following more readable modifiers are also supported:

  • background - equivalent to bg
  • download - equivalent to dl
  • sharpen - equivalent to sharp
  • orientation - equivalent to or
  • minHeight or min-height - equivalent to min-h
  • maxHeight or max-height - equivalent to max-h
  • minWidth or min-width - equivalent to min-w
  • maxWidth or max-width - equivalent to max-w
  • saturation - equivalent to sat


In addition to the values specified in the Sanity docs, which are respected, the following options from the default fit behavior are supported:

  • cover - this will behave like the Sanity modifier crop
  • contain - this will behave like the Sanity modifier fill, and defaults to filling with a white background. (You can specify your own background color with the background modifier.)
  • inside - this will behave like the Sanity modifier min
  • outside - this will behave like the Sanity modifier max
  • fill - this will behave like the Sanity modifier scale
For compatibility with other providers, fit: fill is equivalent to the Sanity parameter ?fit=scale. If you need the Sanity ?fit=fill behavior, use fit: contain instead.


You can specify any of the formats suppored by Sanity. If this is omitted, the Sanity provider will default to auto=format.

crop and hotspot

You can pass your Sanity crop and hotspot image data as modifiers and Nuxt Image will correctly generate the rect, fp-x and fp-y parameters for you.