Nuxt Image internally use Twicpics as static provider.

Integration between Twicpics and the image module.

What is TwicPics?

Twicpics is a Responsive Image Service Solution (SaaS) that enables on-demand responsive image generation.

Using the TwicPics Provider you can, out of the box, benefit from at least :

  • performance of our network: global CDN, optimized protocols and competitive caching
  • ideal compression: modern technology and Next-Gen formats (TwicPics delivers WebP natively for accounting browsers and can also delivers avif)

And using the TwicPics API, you will be able to access all these features: smart cropping with TwicPics focus auto, true color, flip, turn, crop, zoom.


The only requirement is to have a TwicPics account. If you don't already have one, you can easily create your own TwicPics account for free.


You just need to configure the TwicPics provider with the baseURL set to your TwicPics Domain.

export default defineNuxtConfig({  image: {    twicpics: {      baseURL: 'https://<your-twicpics-domain>/'      // Feel free to use our demo domain to try the following examples.      // baseUrl: ''    }  }})

Standard properties

TwicPics Provider complies with the documentation of nuxt-img and nuxt-picture.


fit determines how the image is resized in relation to the parameters height and width.

TwicPics Provider supports all the the standard values for fit property of Nuxt image and Nuxt picture.

Syntax: fit='__cover__' (default value)

This will return a variant of your master image cropped to 300x300 while preserving aspect ratio.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/football.jpg"  height=300  width=300/>

This will return a variant of your master image resized to 300x300 with distortion.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/football.jpg"  fit="resize"  height=300  width=300/>

This will bring your image back to a 300x600 area with respect to the ratio (1:1) using letterboxing.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  fit="contain"  height=600  width=300/>

The letterboxing strips are transparent areas. Feel free to select the color of your choice by using the background property.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  fit="contain"  height=600  width=300  background: "red"/>


Specifies the output format. It can be an image format or a preview format. By default, TwicPics will "guess" the best output format for the requesting browser, but you can use format to change this behavior.

Syntax: format='avif'|'heif'|'jpeg'|'png'|__'webp'__

WebP is the default format provided by TwicPics (if the browser supports it).


This will return a variant of your image in avif format.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  format="avif"/>

This will return a blurry preview of your image in svg format.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  format="preview"/>

More informations about format here.


Specifies the output quality as a number between 1 (poor quality) and 100 (best quality).

Syntax: quality=number

TwicPics considers quality=70 as default value.

NB: TwicPics automatically manages the returned quality according to the network performance for an optimized display speed even in difficult conditions.

NB : when Data Saver is activated (android mobile only), default quality=10.


<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  quality=1/>

More informations about quality here.


background specifies a color that will show through transparent and translucent parts of the image. This will have no effect on images with no transparency nor translucency.

Syntax: background=color


<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/icon-500.png"  background="red"/>
<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  fit="contain"  height=600  width=300  background: 'red'/>

More informations about background here.

TwicPics modifiers

In addition to the standard parameters, the specific features of the TwicPics API are accessible via the modifiers prop of nuxt-img or nuxt-picture.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/path-to-nuxt-demo.jpg"  ...  standard props  ...  :modifiers="{key_1: value_1, ..., key_n: value_n}"/>

A complete list of these features and their uses is accessible here.


crop will extract a zone from the image which size is the given crop size. If no coordinates are given, the focus point will be used as a guide to determine where to start the extraction. If coordinates are given, they will be used to determine the top-left pixel from which to start the extraction and the focus point will be reset to the center of the resulting image.

Syntax: { crop: size@coordinates }

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat.jpg"  :modifiers="{crop:'500x100'}" <!-- no coordinates given -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat.jpg"  :modifiers="{crop:'500x100@700x400'}" <!-- passing coordinates -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat.jpg"  :modifiers="{focus:'auto', crop:'500x100'}" <!-- using focus auto -->/>

More informations about crop here.


flip will invert the image horizontally, vertically or both depending on the expression provided.

Syntax: { flip: 'both' | 'x' | 'y' }

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/puppy.jpg"  :modifiers="{flip:'both'}" <!-- horizontal and vertical -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/puppy.jpg"  :modifiers="{flip:'x'}" <!-- horizontal -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/puppy.jpg"  :modifiers="{flip:'y'}" <!-- vertical -->/>

More informations about flip here.


focus will set the focus point coordinates. It doesn't modify the output image in any way but will change the behavior of further transformations that take the focus point into account (namely cover, crop and resize).

If auto is used in place of actual coordinates, the focus point will be chosen automagically for you!

Syntax: { focus: coordinates|'auto' }

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  :modifiers="{focus:'auto', crop:'500x500'}" <!-- using crop with focus auto -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/football.jpg"  :modifiers="{focus:'auto', cover:'1:1'}" <!-- changing ratio with focus auto -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/path-to-nuxt-demo.jpg"  :modifiers="{focus:'200x200', cover:'1:1'}" <!-- changing ratio with selected focus -->/>

NB : focus must be placed before the transformations modifying the output image (namely cover, crop and resize).

More informations about focus here.


truecolor can be used to prevent color quantization. If no boolean is provided, true is assumed.

By default, quantization is allowed (truecolor=false).

Quantization occurs whenever the output format is png.

Use truecolor if you want to distribute substantially larger but more accurate images with translucency to users on browsers with no WebP support or when png is required as output format.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/peacock.jpg"  format="png"  :modifiers="{truecolor:true}" <!-- disallowes color quantization -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/peacock.jpg"  format="png"  :modifiers="{truecolor:false}" <!-- allowes color quantization (default value) -->/>

More informations about truecolor here.


turn will change the orientation of the image. It accepts an angle in degrees or an expression. Angles will be rounded to the closest multiple of 90°.

Syntax: { turn: number | 'flip' | 'left' | 'right' }

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/football.jpg"  :modifiers="{turn:'left'}" <!-- turns image at -90° -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/football.jpg"  :modifiers="{turn:180}" <!-- turns image at 180° -->/>

More informations about turn here.


Zooms into the image by a factor equal or superior to 1 towards the focus point while preserving the image size.

Syntax: { zoom: number }

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cherry-3.jpg"  :modifiers="{zoom:1.5}" <!-- zooms into image by a factor 1.5 -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cherry-3.jpg" :modifiers="{zoom:3}" <!-- zooms into image by a factor 3 -->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cherry-3.jpg" :modifiers="{focus:'auto', zoom:3}" <!-- zooms into image by a factor 3 in direction of the focus-->/><NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cherry-3.jpg" :modifiers="{focus:'200x200', zoom:3}" <!-- zooms into image by a factor 3 in direction of the focus-->/>

More informations about zoom here.

Combination of parameters

You can combine several transformations of the TwicPics API.

Be aware that the order of the parameters can be significant.


This will return a variant of image for which we have, in order:

  1. cropped the image from the center to 16:9 aspect ratio
  2. then placed the focus on the center of interest of the cropped image
  3. then rotate the image 90° to the left

The result is a 9:16 (not 16:9) image with a possibly false area of interest.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/football.jpg"  :modifiers="{cover:'16:9', focus:'auto', turn:'left'}"/>

This will return a variant of your image for which we have, in order:

  1. placed the focus on the center of interest of the original image
  2. then cropped the image to 16:9 from the center of interest
  3. then rotated the image 90° to the left

The result is a cropped image with the area of interest retained and displayed in 16:9 format.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/football.jpg"  fit="fill"  :modifiers="{focus:'auto', turn:'left', cover:'16:9'}"/>

Dealing with image ratio

Let's say you want to display an image in 4:3 aspect ratio with a width of 300px.

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  width=300  fit="fill"  :modifiers="{cover:'4:3'}"/>

Or, with focus='auto'

<NuxtImg  provider="twicpics"  src="/cat_1x1.jpg"  width=300  fit="fill"  :modifiers="{focus:'auto', cover:'4:3'}"/>

Go further with TwicPics

TwicPics offers a collection of web components that will allow you to exploit all its power :

  • Pixel Perfect
  • Layout Driven
  • Ideal Compression
  • Lazy Loading
  • LQIP
  • CLS Optimization

A specific integration to Nuxt is available here.